Identifying The Need For Carpenter Ants Removal In Fairfax VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


It’s important for people who have ant problems to learn how to identify the type of ants that they are dealing with. Carpenter ants can be located all over the world with the exception of the continent of Antarctica. Although most of the worker ants will not have any wings, there are some cases where male ants can have wings. The ants can appear to be red and black in color. The bugs will typically be well under an inch in length. If a person is trying to compare ants in their home to carpenter ants, they can use pictures online to help them.

In order to have effective Carpenter Ants Removal in Fairfax VA, people have to learn where carpenter ants prefer to reside. Although these ants will use basically any type of building to nest in, they tend to prefer wood. Carpenter ants prefer wood because they like to dig inside of wood so that they can create tunnels. Some individuals think that carpenter ants eat wood like termites are known to do. In reality, the ants only use wood as convenient places to build nests. People also have to understand that wet wood is preferred by these ants because it isn’t as difficult to dig through.

People who need carpenter ants removal services in Fairfax VA might not even realize they have an ant colony inside of their home. That’s because it might remain hidden from sight. As long as a person doesn’t encounter the ants, they might not know they are there. That could go on for years. Individuals who suspect that they have carpenter ants might have to go look for them. The ants might be found around vegetation that is close to buildings. Basically, people can look in any areas of their homes that have great access to the outdoors.

For those who want to do their own Carpenter Ants Removal in Fairfax VA, it’s important to find the colony. If the nest can’t be found, the only way that a person can destroy it is by using baits that the ants bring back to the colony. People who are unsuccessful at getting rid of carpenter ants can contact Pest Management Services in Fairfax VA for help. Professionals usually don’t have any problem quickly eradicating ants.

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