Pros and Cons of Getting Dentures in Oyster Bay, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


One of the common ways to fix teeth when there are a large number of very damaged or missing teeth is to get dentures, which are also often called false teeth. One of the main alternatives is to get dental implants, which can be a lot more expensive and time-consuming. Making the choice on whether or not to get dentures is easier once the pros and cons of getting Dentures in Oyster Bay NY are made clear.


Getting Dentures in Oyster Bay NY is one of the least expensive ways to replace a large number of missing teeth. This is why they’re so common.


To get dentures, the dentist will first make impressions or molds of the teeth and gums to make them custom fitted. This often includes getting multiple impressions made, each more accurate than the last. Then wax blocks are used to record the shape the dentures need to be in the mouth, and the bite is recorded. One or more trial pairs of dentures will then be made to determine the best possible fit and appearance, then, once a person is happy, a final pair of dentures is made. It usually requires more than a month and at least four trips to the dentist to finish this process.


Having dentures makes it easier to eat and helps keep the muscles of the face from sinking in, which would happen if there were no teeth or dentures used. However, because they’re not fixed permanently in the mouth, they can sometimes slip and move around a bit, interfering with speech, making noises or making sore spots in the gums. They can help protect any remaining teeth from becoming overused, but if they aren’t used properly, or they don’t fit well, they could cause damage to these teeth.

Not Permanent

Unfortunately, people usually need to replace their dentures after a while. The surfaces can wear down and make them not as useful for chewing and eating, or the gums and bones may gradually change their shape, so the dentures don’t fit comfortably. In some cases, the dentures can also be easily broken. Signs that dentures need to be replaced include infections, irritations, the dentures feeling loose, pain in the jaw or the dentures becoming hard to clean.

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