Purchase Unique Silver Jewelry In Salem

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


For some, purchasing a piece of jewelry off the rack at a department store just isn’t enough. They don’t want mass-produced jewelry to wear. They want unique pieces that reflect their personality and tastes. These people do not want to walk down the street and see someone else wearing the exact same necklace, bracelet or ring they are wearing. Jewelers such as Olufson Designs design unique jewelry for discerning customers like these. Some jewelers manufacture as well as sell fine Silver Jewelry in Salem. They have all the latest tools, machines, and technology to make and repair fine jewelry.

There are services that owners of fine jewelry need periodically and the best jeweler to go to offers all of these services. They include jewelry appraisals, jewelry repair, ring sizing, designing and making custom jewelry pieces, setting or resetting stones, restringing pearls and other beads, repairing chains, and other services. Because they have everything on-site to make fine jewelry, they have the ability to help customers design their own unique pieces. Imagine finding a really fine precious stone, or getting a loose stone as a gift, and wanting to use it in a special piece of jewelry. These jewelers can suggest settings and design elements that will showcase that special gem.

The best jewelers can use CAD/CAM/3D printing technology to assist them in turning customer ideas into reality. The design idea can be printed into an image for customer approval, then cast and finished in a well-equipped workshop. Laser welding equipment opens up new possibilities in the use of precious stones and metals in jewelry. There are also wax milling and wax injection systems, platinum casting, and other state-of-the-art jewelry making technology that help in creating fine jewelry pieces.

If a person wants top-quality, custom-made jewelry made with 14K and 18K gold, silver, and platinum, diamonds, and other fine quality gemstones, these are the jewelers to check out. In addition to the custom jewelry, they may have an inventory of unique jewelry pieces they have designed and made. The gems should be purchased from reputable dealers who disclose their origins and any treatments they have been subjected to. For additional information on Silver Jewelry in Salem, visit the website.

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