Questions to Ask When Comparing Funeral Homes in Middletown, OH

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


Comparing Funeral Homes in Middletown, OH isn’t easy, especially when a family is already grieving a loved one. People often delay this task until they have no choice but to carry it out. However, certain questions should be asked before choosing a facility to handle the remains of the loved one. Following are a few of these questions.

Who Owns the Funeral Home?

Although this may not be of great importance to the family, it should be. A locally owned funeral home is typically owned by members of the community and may have been around for generations. They know what is expected of a funeral in the area and can be of great help in determining what the loved one would want. While a national chain often does a great job of providing everything the family wants and needs, go local when possible. Visit here for more details.

Who Handles the Various Tasks?

People are often surprised to learn that some funeral homes outsource tasks rather than handling them in-house. The family should know who will be working with their loved one’s remains at all times. Also, the outsourcing of some tasks may increase the price, and funerals are expensive enough without adding on additional fees.

What Options Are Offered?

Families need to have options open to them, as they should be able to adhere to any personal beliefs or their faith. Make certain the funeral home allows for embalming, cremation, and more. For example, embalming isn’t required by law in some areas, but a funeral home may require it when viewing will be held, or the burial won’t take place immediately.

What is the Cost?

Funeral homes should be able to provide a general price list. Some now offer this information online. If a visit to the funeral home is required, be sure to ask for this list and learn about any additional expenses the family might be responsible for. Write this information down, so it becomes easier to compare the different facilities before making a choice.

Don’t hesitate to ask several questions when comparing Funeral Homes in Middletown, OH. This may be the last act you carry out on behalf of the loved one who has passed. You want to ensure it is handled properly from start to finish. Dodds Memorials can be of help with this. Contact them today for more information on the services they offer.

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