Railing Systems In Hawaii Can Add Safety And Reinforcement To A Building

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


The rain, wind, and corrosive sea air can cause a rail system to fail prematurely if it isn’t protected or installed correctly. A quality rail system should be made of heavy material that is coated to withstand the sun’s UV rays and the corrosion from the spray off of the ocean. Replacing a railing system in Hawaii should be given careful consideration, and damage should not be painted over due to safety concerns. When an owner is considering replacing their Railing Systems in Hawaii, they should choose quality products that have a proven track record and a corrosion-proof finish.

Beauty And Safety

A railing system doesn’t have to be solid concrete and can be beautiful and safe. The top caps, bottom rails, pickets, and posts should be welded and provide a long lifespan. Railing systems that snap together as they’re installed will not offer the same durability as a welded system because they are made from aluminum, and these types of railing fail very quickly.

Corrosion Proof Finish

Railing Systems in Hawaii should be certified through the AAMA, also known as the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. The certification grade by this organization is the most stringent standards for coating. When a railing is certified through this type of organization, an owner can feel confident the system will last for many years to come.

Unique Look

Each building in Hawaii has a unique look in the landscape. The architectural features don’t have to be changed when a renovation or retrofit project happens. A quality railing company provides the ability to duplicate an existing design, so an owner doesn’t have to get approval for a different type.


To match the other railings of a building or meet the architectural quality of a building, rails can be colored exactly the same as the other ones in the same location. The mounting methods will look identical to the existing rails and cabana or entry panels can all be color coordinated.

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