Understand the Ins and Outs of a Degausser

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Every business should understand what a degausser actually is. Essentially, it is a machine that can eliminate stored data on laptop and computer hard drives, magnetic tape and floppy disks. It randomly changes the alignment for magnetic domains. What this means for your company is that any stored data on an older computer that is no longer used can be thoroughly destroyed to protect your business. Data is typically stored on magnetic media therefore it takes degaussing solutions to fully destroy the information stored on a magnetic field. Degaussing itself leaves a domain in random patterns without any preference concerning orientation, which renders any previous data unrecoverable. This is why degaussing services are used to completely eradicate video, audio and data signals from magnetic media.

Have Your Old Information Degaussed

Degaussing solutions offered by specialists in the field are used by a wide range of industries including audio, computer, video, data security and broadcast trades. It is important that your company is able to permanently erase sensitive data that has been collected about your employees, your company, clients and customers. Degaussing is known to dispose of classified media in a fast, efficient and safe manner that can all be done in-house. Overall this will help you save money on your operating costs. There are also requirements for sanitization of information is classified. It is important that you are able to meet the requirements set by the CESG and the NSA.

Simply Overwriting Magnetic Media Is Not Enough

Overwriting magnetic media will not completely erase stored data. Only degausser services can remove 100% of stored data while also ensuring that confidential information was completely and securely erased. Degaussing specialists can provide the solutions you need within a controlled application so you achieve considerable savings. So, don’t just dispose of old computers or hard drives, have them degaussed to ensure the safety of your business.

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