Raise Money For An Emergency By Selling Items To Jewelry Buyers In Chicago

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


Acquiring a traditional loan can be difficult if an individual owes a lot of money to creditors or doesn’t have sufficient collateral that is needed to obtain funds. If money is needed for an emergency and pieces of jewelry are not currently being worn, they can be sold to a pawn shop in exchange for the necessary funds. The tips below will assist with preparing and selling items to Jewelry Buyers in Chicago.

Contact A Pawn Shop And Clean Pieces

Jewelry Buyers in Chicago will provide a customer with a list of jewelry pieces that are typically purchased and a rough estimate of how much money is paid for various types of jewelry. Gold, silver, diamonds and platinum are some materials that are usually purchased.

An individual can describe the jewelry pieces that they would like to sell during a phone call with the director of a pawn shop. After determining if their jewelry items fit the criteria imposed by the shop owner, each jewelry piece should be cleaned with a standard jewelry cleaner.

Bring Jewelry To A Shop And Have Items Inspected

Jewelry pieces should be stored in a case or plastic bag that seals so that items do not get wet or dirty prior to being transported to a pawn shop. On the day that jewelry pieces are going to be sold, an individual needs to meet with the owner of a pawn shop so that they can have their jewelry pieces inspected.

A pawn shop owner will visually inspect each piece to see if any of them are damaged. Jewelry will be weighed to determine the value of each piece. Based upon the results of the inspection, an individual will be given a quote for the amount that the owner is willing to pay for the items.

If a customer is satisfied with the amount that they are provided, they will need to fill out a form that states that they are selling the items. A monetary amount and a receipt will be given to the client. Visit clarkpawners.com or a similar website to learn more about selling jewelry and to obtain a listing of items that are sold in the shop.

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