Make Your Shower More Durable With Beautiful Terrazzo

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


Whether you are renovating a bathroom or building one from scratch, one thing you’ll need to consider is the shower base. There are several options you can use for an attractive shower base, such as tile and fiberglass. However, one thing you should take a look at is terrazzo flooring samples. Terrazzo is an extremely durable material that can be designed in an endless number of ways. It’s also stain-resistant, easy to keep in great shape, and requires a very little cost to maintain over the years.

Other Benefits of a Terrazzo Shower Base

A terrazzo shower base is going to offer longevity and affordability, but there are other great benefits to this material as well. It is eco-friendly, and seamless as well – no grout to clean out, as with tile! It is also lightweight, making it perfect for an upstairs shower. Terrazzo can be made in curved shapes, or irregular shapes, so it’s ideal for showers that are uniquely shaped to fit a small bathroom.

Terrazzo can also be applied on top of any existing floor, so it’s great for a quick update to a bathroom that needs a facelift. Terrazzo only needs regular mopping with a pH-neutral cleaner to keep it clean, and occasional re-sealing to keep it from having too much wear and tear.

No matter what kind of design you want, terrazzo can be made to suit. Have your shower floor designed to look like traditional shower tile, or in a design that is all your own. Terrazzo flooring samples can show you how unique this flooring option can be.

Choose Terrazzo Shower Base Options for Durability

When it comes to shower base options, the designs are limitless. Bring in the measurements you need, bring in a design, and you can have a custom shower base created just for you. Or take a look at existing terrazzo flooring samples to find design you love. One thing you won’t have to worry about is this flooring system cracking, breaking, or staining over the years. Terrazzo’s durability makes it last up to 75 years or even longer in many cases. It can withstand constant pressure and is made of eco-friendly recycled materials.

But more than that, terrazzo floors are an affordable way to bring style to your bathroom. This flooring system looks like marble and will create a work of art right in your shower.

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