Reasons to Contact a Dementia Care Facility

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


It can sometimes be complicated to determine whether your loved one is at a point where contacting a dementia care facility is required. Often, we think of dementia symptoms as disorientation, confusion, and memory loss, and those are accurate. However, other symptoms can include personality change, agitation, and delusions. These things can lead to specialized needs which you may not have the skill to handle.

We’re going to look at signs that it may be time to call up a care facility for your loved one.

One sign that things may be progressing is having constant worry about your loved one. You may be newly concerned about them wandering off into situations that compromise their health and safety. Of course, this is on top of typical worry that comes from any medical conditions they may have. If you feel a constant worry, it may be time to consider professional help. This is especially true if your loved one has suffered unexplained injury, had a driven accident or is prone to falling.

Another reason you might contact a dementia care facility is because providing their care on your own is becoming draining. Caregiver fatigue is a real thing and can lead to problems with your own health and mental state. It can be especially difficult if your loved one is unpleasant or volatile due to their health problems. A facility with trained staff will have the training to handle these types of situations.

Something else that can be a sign of a problem is when your loved one is no longer taking care of their hygiene. Perhaps they are wearing unwashed clothes or have excessive body odor. Maybe your loved one is no longer shaving or visiting the salon as they always have. These are all signs of a problem and a loved one may need more care than is currently available.

A final sign that things may be getting bad is if you find your loved one has been scammed. Often, salespeople, scammers, and other individuals target older individuals with memory problems. If you notice that your loved one is making strange purchases or has started giving money to unfamiliar charities, this may be a sign that things are not going well.

If you believe your family member may require a care facility, Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center may be a good option. This facility is located in Bergenfield, New Jersey and offers all sorts of services to those with memory problems. You can contact them at 201-387-8500.

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