Reasons to Get Dental Reconstruction in Beaumont, TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Dental reconstruction can help a number of people regain the smiles they once had after serious issues with their natural teeth. People of any age may suddenly experience tooth loss, especially due to age and periodontal disease. Whatever the cause, dental reconstruction may be the best option to enjoy a beautiful and straight smile again. With this option, patients felt more relaxed and enjoyed increased self-esteem.

An Injury

Some people need dental reconstruction in Beaumont, TX because they were victims of car crashes, physical assaults, or other types of accidents. Trauma severe enough to knock out teeth may also damage the jaw and you would want to get X-rays to ensure that you do not miss a serious problem to your bone. Once professionals take a look at the damage, they can easily determine what type of Beaumont dental reconstruction can be done to repair it. You may only need a single tooth replaced or several, depending on the severity of the injury. Injuries such as this may happen to anyone and many people find it surprising to learn how easily a tooth may be struck from a person’s mouth.


As humans age, the roots holding their teeth in place begin to deteriorate and loosen, causing some teeth to eventually fall out. In some cases, adults may avoid dentures and partial dentures by way of reconstruction. Dental implants, for example, are permanent replacements for lost teeth, with screws placed directly in the jaw and porcelain caps on top created to exactly replicate the natural teeth. Not only will you gain permanent new teeth but they will look indiscernible from your natural teeth. In addition, you can use them exactly the same way you would use your normal teeth, meaning that you can easily enjoy all of the crunchy snacks you loved before you lost the teeth.

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