Hire a Disability Attorney in Olympia, WA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


It is not always easy to be approved for social security disability (SSDI). The process is long and arduous. That is why it is smart to hire an attorney. Initially, the requirements for approval are confusing. An individual has to have a disabling condition “that is expected to last for 12 months or result in death”. In addition, applicants need a certain amount of social security work credits. Certain disabled individuals receive benefits under the Social Security Insurance program (SSI), a program that is partially funded by the state.

SSI is for those who did not pay into social security. Recipients must be disabled, blind or over 65. A disability attorney in Olympia, WA will know what program to apply under. SSDI benefits are based on the applicant’s earnings. On the other hand, SSI recipients receive $733 per month. The process makes it difficult to be approved for disability. Often, it does not matter whether a doctor tells an applicant not to work. The Social Security Administration uses its own methods to determine disability. In addition, the agency has a scale to rate each medical condition. Applicants must have the condition and meet specific requirements for the illness.

When a claim comes in, the reviewer fills out a residual functional capacity assessment form (RFC.) The information on the form is based on the applicant’s medical records. The RFC is used to determine the applicant’s physical limitations. For example, it may state the applicant can only do sedentary work. Using an applicant’s medical records is often a problem because they are incomplete. That is why it is important to have a disability attorney in Olympia, WA. The attorney reviews the client’s evidence before it is submitted. Therefore, they know what the examiners are looking at.

Applicants need to make sure physicians write down everything. For instance, if the doctor tells you not to lift over fifty pounds, it should be written down. Many people are denied disability due to a lack of evidence. This is crucial because those with certain physical RFC levels are approved. To improve your chances, ask your physician to detail any physical or mental limitations you have. To learn more, Visit Putnamlieb.com.

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