Reasons Tree Pruning in Boston Is So Important

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


Pruning trees is a job that many homeowners put off because they think it’s unimportant, until neighbors complain about unsightly views from their yards or storms turn damaged limbs into projectiles that can cause serious damage. Tree Pruning in Boston should be done on a regular basis when trees need it, rather than when a homeowner gets around to it. Cambridge Landscape has a Massachusetts certified arborist on staff who can determine how and when a tree needs to be pruned.

There are a number of good reasons to prune trees, some more imperative than others. Fruit trees, for example, can be pruned to help encourage them to set more fruit for the next season. A tree, just like a person, periodically needs an intense grooming. Pruning branches that are growing too fast or too slow. or reshaping the entire tree, improves its look and the look of the landscape around it. Trees are also pruned when they begin to interfere with overhead wires. The most important reasons trees needs to be pruned is when disease or damage has harmed branches, limbs or even the trunks of the trees. To prevent a tree from falling, the damaged or diseased portion must be cut away.

The best time to prune trees is not in the fall, as many people think. Trees respond best to pruning when it occurs during their dormant period, so late winter or very early spring is recommended as the ideal time to do planned pruning. Fruit and flowering trees should be pruned after the flowers or fruit have finished blooming. Summer pruning is recommended for trees that need to experience a slower growth period. When a tree is pruned in the summer, while it’s in full leaf, less food gets to the roots, resulting in less growth. Because fall is the time that decaying fungi spores spread easily, experts recommended avoiding pruning then.

A company that offers tree pruning in Boston has arborists and experienced tree care specialists on hand who can best determine how to take care of overgrown, damaged or diseased trees. Calling on a specialized tree care company in Cambridge will give a homeowner the satisfaction of knowing his trees will be in the best of hands.

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