Staying Safe When Using Roll Off Waste Removal Services

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


When a business needs to use roll off waste removal services on their property, it will be necessary to take some steps in keeping those in the area safe during the container’s presence. Taking preparations in alerting those in the area of safety rules as well as keeping people away from the container if they are not authorized to use it will be necessary. Here are some tips a business owner can use to help keep people safe when a roll off container is located on the premises.

Let Those Using The Container Know Safety Rules

It is a good idea to post rules pertaining to the usage of the container in the proximity of the container’s location. This should specify which items should not be placed inside and how to dispose of them properly if needed. A “no smoking” sign should also be placed near the roll off container as this is a fire risk.

Place The Container In An Appropriate Spot

When a roll off container service arrives with an empty container, it is best to ask them to place it in a spot out of the view of the public if possible. This will reduce the chance of people getting too close to the container if they do not have the authorization to place items inside. This will also keep any odor at a minimum in spots where the public frequents.

Make Sure Items Are Positioned Evenly

When people place items inside of a roll off dumpster, they should do so in a manner where they are not stacked on one side of the container. Distributing weight evenly will make it easier for a dumpster service to drop off and remove the container. When a dumpster’s contents are getting close to the edge of the rim, call a service to remove and replace it promptly.

When there is a need to contact a business that provides roll off waste removal services, finding one that offers positive customer service is best. Take a look at a website like to find out more about the delivery of containers or to set up a drop off if desired. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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