Reasons Why You Should Pick a LGBTQ Friendly Dentist in Lake View

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2021


For a lot of people, visiting the dentist can cause significant amounts of anxiety. Adding the potential of a provider’s lack of tolerance towards the LGBTQ community can only make that feeling of anxiousness worse. Beyond your anxiety, there are three good reasons why you should visit an LGBTQ friendly dentist in Lake View.

Intake Forms That Value Your Lifestyle

Many healthcare intake forms are targeted towards an audience with a limited gender and sexual orientation. This is often true in the dentist’s office, too. But when you choose an LGBTQ friendly dentist in Lake View, you will experience intake forms that do not try to force you into gender and sexual orientation norms that do not reflect your identity.

Better Understanding of Oral Health Concerns

Although patients of all gender and sexualities can experience oral health concerns such as sexually transmitted diseases, the LGBTQ community may feel greater reluctance in asking questions about the condition. It is common for LGBTQ patients to worry that their doctor will judge their method of transmission. But being able to discuss your oral health with your dentist is very important, which is why you should choose an LGBTQ friendly dentist in Lake View.

Better Understanding of HIV Transmission

Although medical professionals should know better, some dentists may still exhibit signs of HIV transmission hysteria. These dentists may automatically assume all LGBTQ patients are HIV positive, or they may outright refuse to treat an individual who is HIV positive. By choosing an LGBTQ friendly dentist, you can bypass these harmful stereotypes and receive the dental treatments you need.

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