Reasons Why You Would Want to Perform a Geoprobe in the Chicago Area

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2022


When you think of a geoprobe, you generally imagine some scientist in the Antarctic drilling for ice cores to see life frozen in ice from centuries ago. So, you’re probably wondering why there’s a geoprobe service in Chicago. It is Chicago, a major city in the Midwest, with no oil or natural gas reserves to tap and not enough permafrost worth drilling and exploring. To understand why there’s a geoprobe service in Chicago, you should first know the reasons why this service exists outside the Antarctic and deep sea floors.

Testing Soil Samples for Contaminants

Chicago has always been a major industrial metropolis. However, most of Chicago did not consider environmental impacts until just a few decades ago. That means that any soil on which you construct a building could contain contaminants that would not be healthy for you, the builders, or anyone that enters your building. A geoprobe can take core soil samples from several feet down to determine if there are any health and safety hazards before you begin building.

Pre-Driving Fence Posts

Fence posts or the structures that support them must be installed up to three feet in the ground before post covers go over the fence post materials. This includes steel and wood posts covered with vinyl. A geoprobe can create the hole necessary to quickly install these materials while simultaneously removing enough soil to pour grout or concrete. If you want to know more, contact Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC today.

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