What Post-Construction Cleaning in Denver, CO, Typically Looks Like

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2022


Typically, construction leaves behind a significant amount of dust and dirt that requires services from a post-construction cleaning company. It is industry standard for construction crews to remove equipment and trash and move on to their next project leaving post-construction cleaning in Denver CO to a professional service. Professional cleaners provide a comprehensive cleaning service that makes the space move-in ready.

One of the primary focuses for cleaning professionals is getting rid of dust. Dust from construction work, like drywall dust or sawdust, is rough and irritating. If not properly cleaned, construction dust can pose health risks.

Construction dust gets everywhere, including newly installed light fixtures. After being newly constructed or remodeled, getting a building ready involves removing dust in the lights. This will ensure that interior brightness is not dampened.

Dust also gets into cabinetry. A cleaning company will ensure that the cabinets are sanitary so that dining supplies, food, and cleaning materials can be stored properly.

Construction work can also leave smudges and dirt on brand-new surfaces and glass. A post-construction cleaning in Denver, CO, company will make sure the windows are crystal clear.

The walls may need to be spot cleaned. All the human workers, tools, and heavy machinery required during a construction project can lead to the walls getting scuffed, stained, and dirty. Professionals will ensure the walls look like they were just painted.

Other aspects of post-construction cleanup include vacuuming the new carpets, mopping the floors, cleaning and polishing restroom fixtures, and getting rid of any residual construction debris.

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