Rectangular, Oval and Round Table Pads Offer Beauty, Style and Protection

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2014


It’s time to say goodbye to the clear vinyl table covers of yesterday and farewell to table clothes that don’t stay put, get stained or do little to protect the surface of the table. A finely crafted table pad will give consumers the style and protection they desire for their kitchen or dining room table.

Quality table pads protect tables from scratches, dents, moisture, heat and the effects of direct sunlight which can age and discolor the original finish. Those with live with children, pets, clumsy people or careless housemates will find that a well made table pad is a smart way to protect their table. People who have an antique dining table have an additional incentive to protect such a special piece. A finely crafted and customized table pad will insure the beauty of the table will be enjoyed by generations to come. Visit Superior Table Pad Co. Inc. for more details.

Consumers spend thousands of dollars and countless hours furnishing their homes. They consider style, craftsmanship, color, size and design. The focal point of many homes is the dining room table. Whether it is large or small, wood, glass, stone or another material, the dining room table makes a statement about your sense of style and elegance. It’s amazing to think that consumers are mindful to invest carefully in their dining room or kitchen table but rarely ever think about how they are going to protect their investment.

Companies like Superior Table Pad Co. Inc can create a custom table pad for any surface and they can be rectangular, oval or Round Table Pads. These pads are crafted with a protective cushioned insert surrounded by soft fabric on the bottom and a wood grained or solid colored vinyl on the top. Customers can order a basic table pad or select a style that offers additional color and thickness options to complement their decor and best suit their needs. Crafted in several sections for easy storage and use, table pads come with optional fabric and padlocks which hold the sections of the pad together.

So much time and money have been invested in the selection fine furniture. The wise consumer will take that extra step of purchasing a well-made table pad to protect their investment. Browse website for more information.

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