Red Flags When Looking For a Vet Clinic in Alexandria, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2019


While most veterinarians are professionals who love animals and strive to give pets the best care possible, not all practices are equal. When looking for a vet clinic in Alexandria, VA, pet owners want to be confident that their pets are getting high-quality care at affordable pricing and in a good environment. Here are some red flags to look for when trying to choose the right hospital for a pet’s care.

Lack of Cleanliness

As with any other health facility, dirtiness is a major red flag in a veterinary facility. Of course, given that they treat pets and accidents are part of having nervous animals in a group, cleanliness is flexible. If there are accidents, how quickly are they cleaned? Are examination and operation rooms clean? Are instruments sterilized?

Abrupt Staff

Veterinary offices can get very busy and it can be important for staff to be efficient. However, pet parents should not feel like they are wasting the staff’s time when asking questions. The ideal combination is staff that is efficient but also willing to provide the information that an owner is seeking.


Does it feel like the veterinarian or staff treats all pets the same way? If so, there is a chance that they might miss a pet’s individual medical needs. A yearly examination for a healthy pet should include questions designed to determine if that pet’s behavior indicates a healthy animal and, if not, the vet should spend the time to find out why.

High-Pressure Sales

One of the biggest complaints from pet owners is a vet clinic in Alexandria, VA making them feel pressured to buy unnecessary goods or services. If a vet recommends a treatment or preventative care, they should be able to explain why they are recommending that type of care and be willing to discuss options if the treatment is unaffordable for the pet owner.

Find Out More

Looking for quality veterinary care? Visit to find out more about the local animal hospital services that they offer. They take an individualized approach to veterinary medicine with the goal of meeting a pet’s lifelong health needs.

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