Starting A Worker’s Compensation Claim With A Personal Injury Attorney in Centralia, IL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2019


In Illinois, worker’s compensation insurance is required by federal law, and all employers who hire more than one worker must have the coverage. In the event of a worker-related accident, the employer files a claim through the insurance. A personal injury attorney in Centralia, IL represents workers who were denied benefits.

Examining the Original Claim

The attorney starts by reviewing the original worker’s compensation claim. Any mistakes made in the original claim could have lead to the denial. All deadlines must be met to ensure that the claim is filed appropriately. Workers must report accidents and injuries within one month. A doctor must submit the medical report to the insurer within ten days.

Did the Worker Violate the Safety Policy?

All companies have safety policies in place to protect their workers and mitigate the risk of an accident. Workers are informed of the safety policy and must sign an agreement acknowledging it and agreeing to comply with the policy. If the worker violated the safety policy, the violation deems then ineligible to get benefits when the violation played a role in causing their accident.

Did the Worker Pass the Drug and Alcohol Screening?

All workers who are sent to urgent care or an ER to get medical attention must submit to a drug and alcohol screening. If the worker fails the drug or alcohol test, the worker is not eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits.

Did an OSHA Violation Occur?

After a worker-related accident, OSHA personal come to the property to inspect for violations. Employers are required by federal laws to inspect the property and prevent all OSHA violations. If a violation is present, the employer faces fines and penalties. If the violation caused the worker’s injuries, the employer is liable.

In Illinois, worker’s compensation provides benefits to injured workers. The benefits include full payment for medical treatment and possibly wage replacement if the individual is out of work a significant time. A claims adjuster reviews the claim and determines if the worker was eligible for coverage. Workers who were denied benefits contact a personal injury attorney in Centralia, IL through Olson and Reeves for an appointment right now.

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