Repair Options for When Your vehicle is in Need of Auto Dent Repair in Tempe AZ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


It can be very frustrating when getting into a vehicle only to notice that there is a dent in it. Perhaps the individual wasn’t paying attention when driving or maybe someone else ran into them. Whatever the reason may be, Auto Dent Repair in Tempe AZ can help to fix the problem. Auto dent repair is the process of removing dents and scratches from vehicles, which have occurred due to collisions with other vehicles or objects. There are two main types of repair services. Listed below is an in-depth description of each service.

Dent Removal Processes

Paintless Dent Removal- For dents that have not created any damages to the paint. A technician using the paintless dent removal method may need to remove the entire panel in which the dent is located, in order to prevent paint damage. Because the paint will not need to be sanded down or repainted, this method allows the damage to be repaired within a few hours.

Traditional Dent Repair- For a more complex dent, technicians will need to perform a more invasive repair. This type of repair involves removing the panel, if necessary, and using specialized tools to help to restore it back to its original form. Technicians will then repair any scratches or paint chips by sanding down and smoothing out the area. After which, paint is then applied. Due to the more invasive approach to the auto dent repair in Tempe AZ, it will take longer for the dent to be restored.

Choosing the Right Auto Body Repair Shop

Listed below are a few tips for choosing the right shop to work on your vehicle.

Ask for a referral from a family member or a friend. Many friends, family members, and acquaintances will leave their loved one with an honest review and provide them with a reputable company.

Consider the shop’s overhead. Many shops will charge per hour for their labor services however, in a more well-to-do location or with larger body shops, they may charge higher rates to pay their staff members. Be sure to consider where the shop is located and what they charge for services in order to make sure the vehicle owner stays within budget and pays only for what they are needing.

For more information on repairing your vehicle’s dents and dings, Visit us. Our technicians are standing by to service your vehicle’s every need.

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