What To Expect From A Bail Bonds Company In Upper Marlboro MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


In Maryland, defendants in county lock-up have the right to seek assistance through a bonding agent. This assistance involves the acquisition of a bail bond to acquire release from jail. A bail bonds company in Upper Marlboro MD could help these individuals achieve this objective.

Attending the Arraignment

The bonding agent may attend the arraignment as a representative for the defendant. They can negotiate the bail value with the judge. Once the judge awards the option to post bail, the bonding agent can speak to the defendant about this opportunity. The defendant or a family member can provide payment to the bonding agent for the bail bond.

Calculating the Bond Requirements

The bail bond is typically no more than fourteen percent of the total bail value. The bonding agent provides this value to the defendant or their representative. They may provide a cash or credit card payment for this value.

What Options are Available as Collateral?

Collateral is also used to secure the bail bond. The bonding agent may accept real estate property or automobile titles as collateral. However, these properties must reflect the value of the bond. The agent may also accept jewelry, stock dividends, or a savings account balance. The bonding agent will maintain possess of any title or deed when this property is used as collateral. They will not return these deeds or titles until after the defendant has appeared in court as scheduled.

Failure to Appear

A bench warrant is issued for any defendant that doesn’t appear in court. This warrant gives law enforcement agents the right to arrest the individual on site. They do not need probable cause to make the arrest. The defendant will return to county lockup until their new court date.

In Maryland, defendants have the option to acquire a bail bond to get out of jail. These bail bonds reflect a percentage of the bail value assigned by their judge. A bonding agent secures their release once the down payment is secured. Defendants who need to acquire a bond should contact a bail bonds company in upper marlboro md or browse our website for more information today.

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