Replacing A Large Crosscut Saw

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2019


When it comes to replacing equipment in lumber processing plants and sawmills, there are several factors to consider. Generally, across all equipment from crosscut saws to log splitters and even deck saws, size and capacity for cutting are always critical considerations.

Replacing equipment gives the operators and owners a chance to take a closer look at what they need in a large crosscut saw. This is an essential first step, as it allows the identification of what is optimized in the current crosscut saw, and what needs to be included in the replacement saw.
In general, issues to consider, including the capacity for cutting through the timber bundles, paper rolls, or other types of logs or materials. Then, it is also essential to look at automation and features that can enhance the current capacity to make the processing more effective and efficient.

Cutting Capacity

A large crosscut saw is an essential part of lumber processing equipment. When upgrading from an older system or saw, there are several advances and options to consider. The natural choice may be to stay with the same manufacturer and model, as the existing saw, but consider the options and the features possible in new equipment is always the right decision.


The new options in hydraulically powered large crosscut saw models offer a range of features and technology over the older systems in use throughout the industry. The new systems provide options for automatic infeed and outfeed, increasing productivity and creating a streamlined approach to managing precision cutting for lumber bundles.

With speed and precision, these types of cut off saws can complete a full cycle in less than one minute, and provide very tight tolerances to end cut tolerances. When the system is set up with electronic length measurement combined with digital readout, the result is a highly effective crosscut saw that delivers on precision cutting in low to high volume applications.

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