The Basics of Orange County California Judges

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2019


Orange County in California has a population of a little more than three million people. Within Orange County are Superior Courts serving its citizens. These courts will hear civil and criminal cases, along with motions, hearings, and other issues.

Orange County Courts

The trial court in Orange County is the Superior Court. There are eight locations in Orange County for the Superior Court courtrooms. Every county in California has one Superior Court. All lawsuits start in this court.

There are 124 Orange County California Judges and 20 commissioners. An Orange County California Judge serves a six-year term and is either elected or appointed by the Governor to fill a vacancy. The Orange County Superior Court employs 1,500 people in eight locations.

All Orange County California Judges must have at least ten years of experience practicing law before being appointed or elected as a judge. In addition, each lawyer must have passed the California State Bar Exam, be of good moral character, and not have been convicted of a felony.

Judges are elected for a six-year term in a county-wide election. When the term expires, the judge will run for a retention election.

Court of Appeals

In addition to Superior Courts, there is a Court of Appeals in Orange County. The 4th District Court of Appeals is located in Orange County. The presiding judges are called Justices, not judges.

California has a very large court system. The Orange County California Judges works within the state court system to ensure all citizens have their day in court.

Most people who file a lawsuit will appear in front of an Orange County California Judge if the suit is not settled before it goes to trial. The judge will hear both sides of a lawsuit and then either an Orange County California Judge or a jury will render a verdict.

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