Reviewing Requirements For Auto Insurance In Kyle, TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


In the state of Texas, the Department of Motor Vehicles conducts frequent assessments to determine if all owners have valid insurance coverage. Upon the discovery of invalid coverage, the department sends out a notice to the owner. The owner has a period of ten days to provide new proof of coverage. Local insurance agents can help auto owners who need to update or purchase Auto Insurance in Kyle TX.

The Standard Minimum

The standard minimum for auto liability coverage is $30,000 for the first injuries sustained in an auto accident. The policy must pay a maximum of $60,000 for all injuries that occurred. In addition, it must provide $25,000 for any property damage that occurs. This includes damage to vehicles and any real property that was damaged during the accident.

Penalties for No Insurance

Currently, the penalties for no insurance in the state of Texas include a fine of no more than $500, driver’s license suspension, and suspension of the auto owner’s registration. However, any party that has several citations for no insurance or was convicted previously could also face a sentence in the county jail.

Discounts Options for the Owner

Auto owners can acquire discounts by adding multiple cars to the policy. They have this option through standard auto coverage and through umbrella policies. They can also acquire discounts through a safe driving record. All teen drivers gain discounts if they have a higher than average GPA.

What is SR-22 Coverage?

SR-22 coverage is a certificate that indicates that the owner has complied with the law and purchased auto coverage. It is not insurance itself. It is required for auto owners who have a record of non-compliance with insurance laws. It is also required for all drivers who are convicted of a DUI.

In Texas, drivers must purchase and maintain insurance coverage at all times. If they are caught without coverage, the state can apply a fine to their driving record. They are required to pay the fine according to the court’s instructions. Auto owners who need to acquire Auto Insurance in Kyle TX contact Perdue Insurance Group for more information or a free quote today.

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