Warehouse Moving in Naples FL: Tips for a hassle-free move

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Moving a distribution center or a warehouse is an overwhelming task, and it involves great logistics. However, hiring the services of a reputable moving company can guarantee a smooth and easy transition. To help business owners through the process of warehouse moving in Naples FL, here are important tips to factor in to ensure a hassle-free relocation, notwithstanding the size or complexity of one’s warehouse.

Hire a Mover Early

Relocating a warehouse to another location is obviously not a small logistical challenge. Therefore, do not wait until the last minute to seek the services of a moving company. Comparing different quotes from different moving companies, or even obtaining logistical assistance pre-move from a moving company is a fantastic idea, so try to choose a good mover as soon as possible.

Reconsider the Facility Layout and Processes

Warehouse Moving in Naples FL presents a golden opportunity for a new start, which means business owners can carry out any needed alterations to existing layouts and procedures. Probably the pallet rack could be reconfigured for increased efficiency and storage. Departments or stations could be rearranged to minimize travel time. Consider any new challenges that need to be addressed. This is a time for a keen assessment of what the business presently has to launch an improved future operation.

A Chance to Clean House

Remember, the weight of the items being transported affects the overall moving cost. Therefore, take the opportunity to do away with old or damaged stock that’s only gathering dust. Don’t even contemplate dealing with it at the new facility. Make plans to auction or give away any items that won’t be moving to the new warehouse. The same applies to non-saleable products- get rid of them. Making certain of inventory integrity in advance is vital for a smooth move.

Realistic Timelines

After confirming with the moving company about the amount of time, it will take to complete the move, double that. This is because not everything might go as planned so working with a tight deadline is not advised.

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