See How a Natural Gas Compressor Unit in Texas Can Enhance Your Industrial Needs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


If a well is low-pressure, then the gas from the well needs assistance if it is going to be transported through a broad network of pipes along a distance. In order to make this happen, compression must be used to keep everything circulating.

How Compression Is Used

When you take advantage of a natural gas compressor unit in Texas, you can facilitate the flow of natural gas from a low-pressure well. That way, the gas can be distributed or stored and processed. The continued transport of natural gas from the storage and processing sites depends on the use of compression as well.

Because a natural gas compressor unit is considered a kind of lifeline, it also is noted as the primary support system for gas transport and distribution. That is why you cannot downplay the role this type of component has on the production and movement of natural gas.

Increased Production

In fact, if it was not for the help provided by a natural gas compressor, natural gas production would be at a standstill. That is because compression permits a well to manufacture larger volumes of gas, thereby producing more in the way of profits as well. You only need to review a company’s cash flow and see how it is enhanced when a compressor is used.

Compression involves moving natural gas from a base pressure to a higher or discharge pressure. In order to calculate your compression needs, you need to review the suction and discharge pressures in addition to the anticipated gas flow.

Therefore, both the suction pressure and discharge pressure are measured in pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG) while the desired gas flow is measured by million cubic feet per day (MCFD). You can usually find a chart online that will help you figure out the horsepower and stages needed to alter the suction-type pressure to the discharge pressure by each million cubic feet. Get more information about compression before you make a choice for a gas-type compressor for your business.

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