Seeking Help for Substance Abuse

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Health


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You’ve made the important first step of admitting your substance abuse problem to yourself. That’s one of the hardest steps towards recovery, but now you need to seek help. You want to recover, but how do you go about that? Here are some tips for seeking help for substance abuse.

Tell Someone You Trust

You don’t have to go through this experience alone. It might be hard, but reach out to someone you trust who cares about you and tell them the truth about your substance abuse. Tell them you want to seek help for recovery. Although it might be hard to say, having someone who cares about you to be on your side in the recovery process can help.

Tell Your Doctor

Whether or not you feel comfortable telling someone from your personal life at first, you should tell your doctor. Substance abuse affects your health and can affect the way you need to be treated in medical situations. Your primary care doctor not only needs to know about your substance abuse for medical reasons, but they can also recommend treatment programs to you. A good treatment program is your main source of help in this situation, so a doctor recommendation could help.

Find a Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Whether you’re looking for substance abuse treatment in Burnsville or another city, research the programs in your area. How severe is your substance abuse? Do you think you can recover in an out-patient program? In that situation, you could continue to live at home and go to a facility for scheduled treatment visits.

Is your substance abuse severe? In that case, you might need an in-patient program. In-patient programs, sometimes referred to as “rehab,” are when you temporarily reside in the facility while professionals treat you. Try contacting practices that offer each and talk to them about which is the better option for you.

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