The Process Of Installing Vehicle Wraps Orange Park FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


Magnetic signs may have been a great way for business owners to advertise their company in the past, but many entrepreneurs are taking it a step further and utilizing Vehicle Wraps in Orange Park FL. This makes a companies logo and business name more visible and turns any vehicle into a moving billboard. Most business owners are a little leery of using this type of advertisement, and most of this uncertainty stems from not knowing how a vehicle wrap is installed. The following is a brief look at the process, and why it is a viable option for advertising the services and products of any business.

Design Creation

The first step is to create the wrap that will cover the vehicle. The designer will need the dimensions of the vehicle that the cover will be installed on so they can determine how much space they will have to work with. They will then incorporate the company’s logo, web address, and slogans, and lay them out in a manner that covers the entire vehicle.

Surface Preparation

Once the design is finalized, the team will then need to prepare the surface of the vehicle. They will wash the car to remove any surface debris and then use an alcohol-based cleaner, so the surface is completely smooth. Any dents or other imperfections will need to be addressed before the wrap can be installed, as this can lead to air pockets that can cause the wrap to crack and peel.

Vinyl Wrap Installation

After the surface is prepared, they will then begin the process of applying the Vehicle Wraps Orange Park FL to the car. The wrap is typically created in multiple pieces and will be laid down on the surface of the vehicle. The team will then remove the protective backing and reveal the glue that will hold the wrap in place. They will slowly peel away the back and use a unique tool to smooth the vinyl wrap and remove any air bubbles in the process.

The learn more about the process of installing a vinyl car wrap, be sure to check out Graphics Garage. They have a wide array of design ideas that can have any car looking great while advertising a company’s products and services. Visit the website to learn more about the options available, and make any car a money making tool for businesses large and small.

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