Septic Pumping In Merritt Island FL Should Be Regularly Performed

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Nov, 2017


Homeowners don’t give their septic system much thought until it begins to malfunction. A malfunctioning septic system can create slow drains, foul smells entering a home, and wet spots in the yard. Septic Pumping in Merritt Island FL can eliminate all of these problems when it’s regularly performed. Solids from the home or business are deposited into a septic tank outside. Gray water is transported to another tank and travels to a leach bed or drain field for filtration through the soil. Solids must be removed from the system to continue to operate properly.

How Often Should A Tank Be Pumped?

There is no set rule of when to pump a septic tank. Pumping depends on a number of people using the septic system and the size of the tank. A larger family will usually need the tank pumped at least once a year or more.

Can The Solids Just Go To The Drain Field With The Gray Water?

If Septic Pumping in Merritt Island FL doesn’t get performed in a timely fashion, any solids that leave the tank can cause a clog in the drain field and ruin the septic system. A homeowner may have to get another permit for their system or the entire drain field could cost them hundreds of dollars to have replaced. If a homeowner is unsure how full their solids tank is, they should contact a septic system company.

Aerobic Septic Systems

One of the best types of septic systems is an Aerobic one. These types of system push air into a gray water tank to increase the bacteria to break down any unwanted germs in the water. These types of systems have injectors that need to be regularly cleaned and inspected for proper operation.

Septic System Failure

If an owner thinks their septic system isn’t working properly, it can usually be repaired. In some cases, the solid tank can crack or the drain field pipes can become damaged or clogged. If a septic system is very old, there’s a good chance it will probably need to be replaced instead of repaired.

If your home’s septic system doesn’t seem to be operating properly or the solid tank needs to be pumped, please visit and find out more about all of the services they have available.

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