Signs That the Time Has Come for a New Carpet in Evanston

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Carpeting is a nice touch in any home, but it will only last so long. When the carpet begins to show signs of age, it pays to think about replacing it. Here are some signs that the old Carpet in Evanston needs to go and new carpeting should be installed.

Frayed Pile

Once upon a time, the pile of the carpeting stood up straight and looked perfect. Now the pile still looks worn and frayed even after a fresh steam cleaning. Since the fiber is obviously wearing out, now is the time to think about investing in a new carpet in Evanston.

Stains That Won’t Go Away

Years of use has led to stains that will not come up no matter what the homeowner tries. There are only so many stains that can be covered by strategically placing furniture or using another area rug. Instead of continuing to find creative ways to hide the stains, visit a supplier and look at carpet samples. The right choice is bound to be available and ready for installation.

The Love Affair With the Color is Over

While the carpeting is still in presentable shape, the color has lost its appeal. Once considered a modern and ideal color for the space, it now makes the room look dated. The best thing to do is rip up the old carpeting and purchase a new carpet in a color that is not likely to fall out of favor anytime soon.

Redecorating the Room

The carpet is still fine, and the color does not offend the homeowner. However, it will not go with the redecorating plans for the room. Along with selecting new window treatments, have the carpeting replaced with something that will fit in with the new look.

For anyone who is in the market for new carpeting, visit American Carpet Distributors. An associate will be happy to talk with the client about different carpeting options, including features that help to extend the life of the product. With a little time and effort, it is possible to identify carpeting that will hold up well to a lot of traffic, be easy to keep clean, and will last for many years.

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