Signs Your Car Needs New Automobile Tires And Service in Las Vegas NV

Posted By : Alex , on Jun, 2016


According to Michelin, new tires can last up to ten years as long as they are properly maintained. The time a tire lasts depends on the surfaces being driven on and the mileage. Unfortunately, worn tires can lead to accidents so it is important a driver understands the warning signs they should look for so they will know their car needs new automobile tires and service in Las Vegas NV. Prompt replacement can make driving the car much safer.

Believe it or not, a penny can be used to check whether or not a tire’s tread has become too worn. All you will need to do is place the penny head down in the grooves of your tire. If you are able to see the top of Lincoln’s head, this means your tire tread is too worn and the tires need to be replaced. The tread of a tire is extremely important for allowing it to properly grip the road. Worn tread is especially dangerous during rain, snow, and ice when the roads are more slippery. If a car continues to be driven with low tread tires, it can eventually cause wear in certain parts.

Should a driver see any cracks, bulges, or gouges in their tires, these are definite signs a replacement is needed. Unfortunately, weather extremes can sometimes cause tires to become vulnerable to damage. While this is usually not a problem in milder climates, it can be a big problem in certain climates where temperature extremes are the norm in any direction.

When the tires of a car are going bad and becoming worn, the car may begin to vibrate or thump while driving. Drivers will typically feel the vibration in the steering wheel once they reach a certain level of speed. This can also mean the tires are simply out of alignment.

If a driver is experiencing any of these signs of problems with their tires, it is time for new Automobile Tires And Service in Las Vegas NV. If you are in need of new tires, contact CMC Tires. They can provide you with the tire services you are in need of so your car is safe to drive.

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