Signs That Animals Are Using The House Gutters As A Highway

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Gutters are designed to direct the flow of water. But some pests see the gutters as an open highway. Traveling through gutters is one of the safest ways to get into the house unseen. Because many different creatures utilize this pathway, it is essential that they are included in any pest control operations. These are a few indications that pests might be utilizing the gutters as a pathway.

When cleaning the House Gutters, check for signs that animals have been utilizing it. Signs of food indicate that squirrels have been using gutters as a winter storage space. Signs of scat indicate that an animal maybe using it to gain entry to the roof and possibly into the home. Birds also like the open compact space as a safe place to construct a nest. All of these signs indicate that the pests feel right at home in the gutters.

Periodically check the gutters for a visual indication that animals are running across it. Most of the activity will occur at dawn or dusk when the animals are most active. Some animals are nocturnal creatures and can only be seen at night. The light that shines from their eyes is the most visible part of them. It is not always easy to spot activity since some animals have a very low profile and the angle of the gutters doesn’t always allow the best view.

Not all creatures are stealthy. Some will make noises when running across the House Gutters. The heavier creatures such as raccoons can make the most noises when running across the gutters. Sometimes, they will even communicate in the process. Listen for animal chatter or unusual noises coming from the gutter areas. While it doesn’t necessarily signal an invasion, it does indicate that there is an interest in using them. If the pests feel safe enough, they will continue to utilize the gutters.

The gutters are designed only for one thing. But once pests decide that they can utilize the gutters, trouble can start. This can give them direct access in the home. Check out domain URL for more information on closing this pathway to your home. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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