Smart Preparation Tips for Inspecting Residential Roofing in Roofing Saline, MI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


Having a highly functional roofing system is a prime way to protect household occupants from outdoor weather elements, pollution, allergens, and airborne debris. To enhance the functionality of a roofing system and expand its lifespan, use the following tips to get ready for a do-it-yourself inspection. These tips should be used with other safety steps to minimize hazards such as falls and slips.

Wear the Right Shoes for a Roofing Inspection

To avoid a slip due to improper footwear, choose a sensible pair of shoes for an inspection of Residential Roofing in Roofing Saline, MI. Never attempt a roofing inspection or any type or roof job in loose, open-toed shoes such as sandals or flip-flops. Feet can be injured from contact with roofing materials and the roof itself. It’s preferable to wear enclosed shoes that fit firmly to avoid feet moving inside the shoes. The soles of these shoes should provide resistance from slippage. In addition, adequate padding inside roofing shoes allows excess foot sweat to be absorbed, decreasing the chance for slippage due to a slick insole.

Secure the Ladder or Ladder System

One of the most frequently reported causes of roofing accidents is poor ladder usage. Any ladder used in a roofing inspection should be properly used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. An extension ladder can be secured to the roof with a pair of roof hooks. Never use gutters as the only source of support for an extension ladder. When a roof is especially high or has a steep slope, using a ladder system may be necessary. This allows an individual to perform the inspection from a platform instead of the roof itself. This type of tool should be thoroughly checked to ensure all sections are secure. Whenever a ladder or ladder system is used, it’s a good idea to have another person present to watch for potential hazards.

For an assessment of Residential Roofing in Roofing Saline, MI to proceed, it’s necessary to have the right footwear and ladder preparation. Doing this enables a homeowner to lessen the chance for accidents. It also lets a homeowner use caution to make a roofing inspection more productive and efficient. For information on roofing services, please Browse the Site of Diversified Roofing, LLC.

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