Help Your Birthday Girl Feel Like a Princess Without Breaking the Bank

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


When it comes time to plan a birthday party for your child and their friends, it can become an expensive task rather quickly. If you’re looking to throw a girls spa party, but are not looking forward to paying for dozens of mani-pedis at the salon, then check out this fantastic glamour bus idea that will bring all the fun of a girls day at the spa to your front door.

Enjoy the Day from Set-up to Tear-down

Most of the time, when parents plan a birthday party for their kids, they rarely have time to actually enjoy the day with the rest of the family. Instead of worrying about setting up the party, they will take care of making sure that the party bus is set up for your children and their guests without you having to lift a finger. Instead of slaving over the details, let the professionals take care of things and enjoy the joy of celebrating your child’s birthday.

More Than A Glamour Bus

Don’t worry about what all the other kids will do while the salon chairs are occupied on the bus. Inside, there is a large crafting table set up with a variety of different crafts and projects for guests to work on as they wait for an available salon chair. Outside, their staff will set up the covered karaoke and dancing area so that you can enjoy the outdoors and some exciting karaoke with friends.

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