Some Features of Party Tents for Sale

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Nov, 2015


It’s your oldest child’s graduation in a month. He has completed all four years with good grades and will be attending his top choice college this coming autumn. You want to commemorate his achievements with all of his closest friends and family at one get-together before the summer ends. Renting a party tent can be expensive, and, if you’re planning to use the party tent more than a few times, it could be more economically savvy to purchase your own.

Important Questions

When looking to purchase one or more party tents for sale, it may be beneficial to ask yourself the following questions:

* Is it fire resistant?

* Is it weather proof?

* What material is the tent made from?

* Does it have a warranty?

* What do online reviews say about the tent?

* Are replacement parts easy to find?

What is a Party Tent?

A party tent is a large tent that can accommodate a large amount of people and/or items. It is usually made from plastic or canvas. It is secured to the ground using pegs and/or stakes. This is so that the wind or other environmental factors do not move or falter it. The frame is usually made from poles, and the structure is maintained by tension of the fabric and additional poles and ropes. Some party tents for sale are enclosed, while others have removable sides and/or do not have sides.

Sides or No Sides

Some positives of having sides to the tent are that this prevents weather from infiltrating guests and items inside the tent. For instance, the wind is less likely to blow off your tablecloths, and the rain is less likely to get anyone wet. It allows the party to be more intimate, and keeps the guests warm.

Some negatives include that it is harder to move in and out of the tent unless there is an obvious entrance, and, if it is a hot day, the walls keep in heat, so it can become humid inside the tent, especially if the tent is made from plastic. It can also be a fire hazard if the tent does not have cleared exit/entrance. A party tent with removable sides, such as Velcro, may be the best purchase.

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