The Effects of Delayed Ductwork and AC Service in Wichita Kansas

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Most homeowners don’t spend that much time in the attic, which means they don’t devote much time to ductwork inspection. Ducts that aren’t properly maintained can be costly in terms of finances, health effects, and damage to the home’s HVAC system. Below is an explanation of how ductwork issues can affect a home and its occupants.

Financial Effects

During the summer cooling season, the home’s HVAC system can make up 25% or more of the homeowner’s monthly utility bill. An issue that requires AC Service can make it more costly to stay cool when it’s hot outside and, while a leaky duct may not seem as if it’s a big issue, it can have lasting financial consequences.

Once the air conditioning unit treats the air, it’s pushed through ductwork to a vent in every room. When ductwork leaks, much of that cooled air will seep into the attic and out of the home. The system is putting less cooled air into the home, and it will need to work harder to cool effectively. It can cost significantly more to cool a home with leaking ductwork, which results in much higher power bills.

Health Risks

Financial concerns over AC Service in Wichita Kansas, can be pressing enough, but there are also health factors to consider. When cooled air leaks out of the ductwork and into the attic, condensation can form. Over a period, moisture increases can lead to mold formation, and as long as ductwork damage goes undetected and unrepaired, mold can spread throughout the home.

Additionally, pollutants found in attic air can get into the HVAC system through leaky ducts. Even if allergies or asthma aren’t an issue in the home, diminished air quality can make family members sick. The average AC unit recirculates air through the home seven times during the day, and that can put a lot of pollutants into the air.

System Risks

The fiscal consequences of leaking HVAC ductwork don’t end with the power bill. Because the unit must work much harder to cool the home, its parts will wear at an accelerated rate. Depending on the length of time the problem persists, a unit may need replacement much sooner with poor-quality ductwork than without it. Total replacement can cost thousands of dollars, and it’s in most homeowners’ best interest to hire a professional for regular ductwork and AC service in Wichita Kansas. Browse for details.

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