Some of the Issues an Orthodontist Staten Island Can Treat

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2022


For an individual to have healthy teeth, they may need to see an orthodontist. Orthodontics involves moving the teeth to create a beautiful smile. Fortunately, an orthodontist can treat a variety of different teeth-related issues. Here are some of the issues that an orthodontist in Staten Island can treat.


It’s not uncommon for both children and adults to experience overcrowding. When this occurs, an orthodontist may use braces to move a patient’s teeth into the correct place. If the crowding is very severe, the patient may also need to wear spacers to make space.

Bite Issues

Those that have bite issues, may have difficulty eating or closing their mouth fully. An orthodontist on Staten Island can help. They may use orthodontic rubber bands to manipulate the alignment of a patient’s bite. The patient can remove these rubber bands when they eat and replace them with new ones when they are finished.

Cosmetic Concerns

A patient may only need orthodontics because of cosmetic concerns. This may require that the patient wear braces or clear aligners for a specific period of time so they can get the smile that they want.

Brooklyn Orthodontics provides a wide variety of treatments for their patients. They can treat both children and adults, and they strive to come up with a treatment plan that will achieve the desired results as quickly as possible. Learn more about the treatments offered by Brooklyn Orthodontics by contacting them today.

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