Stabilize Your Stair Railing in Baltimore by Choosing Iron

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


If you want to add a metal railing to the outside of your home, it is usually better to choose one made of iron. You also should be familiar with railing terms. For example, an iron railing, when attached along some stairs, is placed by installing a couple of wall clips. These clips are designed to anchor the railing to the wall.

The Components Used in a Basic Design

A basic stair railing in Baltimore often does not show ornamentation. It consists of a picket, design picket, and intermediate horizontal bar. In addition, a rail cap is used, including a post plate, termination, terminating post, and slip shoe all built into the design.

You can learn more about these parts and view them for yourself when you browse the site that lists all the cast iron products that will add to your home’s value and appearance. Take a careful look at the assembly and design of a rail so you can incorporate it easily into your home’s décor or outside architectural design.

If you wish the stair railing to display ornamentation, this can be added as a frieze at the top of the railing. A cap will go along the top part of the rail and a picket or baluster design is used. When adding a railing outside, you can select from a round pipe or tubing or square or rectangular tubing. Solids are also featured in square or rectangular designs.

Needless to say, a metal stair railing features several key parts. You should carefully review these components if you want to add a railing outdoors or indoors. Doing so will help you to become more familiarized with the product so you can better accent your home.

What railing do you need to add or replace in your home? If you want a more stylish iron railing, you can find one easily online. Make sure that your choice is installed or offered by an experienced company in the home accessory field. Not only should the business feature railings but it should also support consumer needs for door and window guards, iron fencing, iron decks and porches, and fire escapes and balconies.

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