What Texas Truckers Should Consider When Choosing Commercial Truck Leasing Companies

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Sep, 2019


There are several ways to get started in the trucking industry. One is for drivers to hire on with a freight company and work as an employee driver to save up money to be able to purchase a truck and strike off on their own.

This is a common option for many truckers in Texas, and it can be a good career choice when working for the right freight company and getting a route that gives you the free time and home time that is important if you have a family. These jobs are not always easy to come by, and you are always restricted by what the employer wants and needs you to drive.

Another option is to purchase a truck, but this involves a large cash outlay, and a hefty monthly payment, which is more than most startup drivers in Texas can realistically afford. A better option for many is to lease a rig.

What to Compare

Not all commercial truck leasing companies are the same, and they vary greatly in the terms of the lease. With the best leases, the trucker has a fair amount of freedom as to the use of the truck. Some of the more difficult leases can restrict the use of the truck significantly, so this is essential to review and compare.

Payments are the most obvious difference between commercial truck leasing companies. However, the cost of a lease per month is still less than the payment on the loan, but you do not own the vehicle at the end of the lease.

If ownership is of interest, be sure to talk to commercial truck leasing companies about buyouts after the lease. Generally, with all leases, the leasing company completes routine maintenance, and it is critical to review what that entails to each leasing company.

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