Steps Followed By A Personal Injury Lawyer In Hollywood, FL For A Medical Malpractice Case

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Lawyers


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In Florida, a medical malpractice exists when a doctor produces avoidable injuries. These conditions define a low standard of health care. Doctors are prohibited from providing poor-quality health care under federal laws. Under these laws, this failure defines a liability that is legally actionable. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Hollywood FL helps these patients present this liability in court.

An Assessment of the Victim’s Injuries

A second doctor is requested to conduct a complete assessment of the victim’s injuries. The doctor identifies the failures of the original doctor and provides any supplementary care required. If possible, they follow proper protocol to correct these conditions. This doctor produces records for all treatments provided for the victim as well as their findings.

Collect Medical Records and Expense Reports

The attorney collects the original medical records for the patient. The patient must sign forms to request these files, or the attorney files a motion to acquire the records through the court. Additionally, the patient should provide a copy of all their medical expenses related to their injuries.

Evaluate and Secure a Medical Witness

The attorney evaluates possible medical witnesses. This witness is a doctor with the same credentials as the original physician. The evaluation defines any potential conflict of interest associated with the witness. Any doctor that has a direct link to the defendant is not a viable witness. Once the attorney finds a viable medical witness, they begin depositions. This task involves the acquisition of their testimony. It prepares the witness for the court date as well.

Meet with the Hospital Board

Once the motion is filed, the attorney meets with the hospital board. These individuals present a settlement offer to avoid a court date whenever possible. They discuss the case with the attorney and the patient. They continue to court if the case isn’t settled through these measures.

In Florida, a medical malpractice equates to the failure to provide adequate health care. These circumstances include surgical injuries, a misdiagnosis of a life-threatening condition, and the use of defective medical devices. The administration of the wrong medication is also a medical malpractice. Patients who need to file a claim should contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Hollywood FL or Browse the site for further details.

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