Why Duct Cleaning in Waterloo, IA Is Important for Homes and Businesses

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


When it comes to maintaining a home or commercial business, most owners tend to focus on attractiveness and functionality. Problems that can’t be seen are often overlooked or forgotten. Most people don’t give much thought to cleaning their air duct vents until problems arise. Although there is no set schedule for this cleaning task, certain signs such as excessive dust blowing from vents and suspected mold growth indicate it’s time to schedule a maintenance call. The main benefit of Duct Cleaning in Waterloo IA is a safer, cleaner living environment.

Banish Insects and Rodents from Air Ducts

While it’s not uncommon to find an occasional bug in air ducts, if you notice several dead insects, rodent droppings, or a foul smell coming from the vents, it’s time to contact a professional duct cleaning service. This will eliminate any potential health hazards and keep indoor air quality at an acceptable level. After cleaning has been performed, it’s a good idea to regularly monitor vents to avoid further infestations.

Control Mold Growth in Vents

Mold is one of the main reasons customers schedule an air Duct Cleaning in Waterloo IA. Left unchecked, it can spread and cause illnesses even when it’s out of sight. A contaminated HVAC system is capable of spreading mold throughout an entire facility. In order to keep residents and employees safe, you should immediately schedule an inspection if mold presence is suspected.

Prevent Potential Fires with Duct Cleaning

Excessive dust accumulation can cause a lot more than just allergy symptoms. Dust is highly flammable and can lead to potential fire hazards if not periodically removed. The longer dust is left to build up in vents and ducts, the greater the risk of a serious fire.

Another critical factor is having proper access panels for ventilation ductwork. This is extremely important in restaurants. When having the exhaust hood cleaned in a commercial kitchen, strategically located access points make it much easier to find and eliminate harmful grease buildup.

Iowa Fire Control has the expertise and knowledge to keep homes and businesses protected. An industry leader in fire safety, they employ the latest tools and technology needed to provide a safe environment. In addition to hood cleaning and ductwork access panel installation, they also offer specialized filters for commercial kitchens that safely extract grease residue caused by cooking. For more information on the services they offer or to schedule an appointment, Visit the Website.

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