Steps For Installing Landscaping In Boulder, CO

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


In Colorado, landscaping designs reflect the best plant, shrub, and tree selections for the property. The landscaping designer creates the concept to add value to the property and make it aesthetically pleasing. A local provider explains the steps involved in Landscaping Boulder CO and improving the property.

Start with the Hardscaping First

The hardscaping equates to any permanent installations surrounding the landscaping concept. It could include walking paths, sidewalks, fencing, and arbors. Any construction efforts associated with decks, porches, or patios should conclude before the landscaping is installed. In fact, the hardscaping sets up a perimeter for the landscaping design.

Preparing the Soil

The first step for preparing the soil is to use a tiller to break it up. Once it is loose, add organic matter to the soil. Landscaping professionals often use peat moss, bark, and even compost. The products make the soil more fertile and provide a healthy environment for the plants. By completing the step, the plants are more likely to thrive in all conditions.

Framing the House

The landscaper proceeds by framing the house with trees and shrubs. The key is to plant low-growing shrubberies underneath windows and at the edges of the main entrance. Smaller trees are installed around the front corners of the property. Essentially, when framing a house, the landscaper tries to create a softer box shape with the shrubberies and trees.

Examining the Property’s Exterior

An examination of the property determines what type of plants to install. The plant selections are incumbent on the volume of sunlight that reaches the installation area. For example, the landscaper wouldn’t install plants that require high volumes of sunlight in shaded areas. The homeowner chooses from appropriate plants for the chosen space.

In Colorado, the installation of landscaping concepts increases the energy efficiency of commercial and residential properties. It also beautifies the property and increases the total value. The concepts include flowers, trees, and shrubs that compliment the property and are placed strategically. The landscaper follows vital steps to accomplish the owner’s goals. All property owners who want to install Landscaping Boulder CO contact Wards Lawn Service or Browse website for previous projects and vital info now.

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