Steps That Can Be Taken For Hornet Removal In Pittsburgh

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


If an individual locates a hornet nest hanging from a tree limb, they may be skeptical about going outdoors, especially if they are allergic to hornets. Some steps that can be taken for Hornet Removal in Pittsburgh are listed below. After pests have been eliminated, routine inspections will assist with preventing hornets from becoming a problem again.


*    flexible mesh

*    gloves

*    long sleeved shirt

*    long pants

*    work boots

*    garden sprayer

*    organic pesticide

*    water hose

*    ladder

*    hand held net

*    shovel

Putting On Protective Gear And Preparing A Pesticide

A piece of flexible mesh can be draped over an individual’s head to prevent them from being stung by hornets. A long sleeved shirt and pants should be worn, as well as work gloves and boots. An organic pesticide can be added to a garden sprayer’s tank. Many pesticides are harmful to pests, but will not pose a threat to trees, shrubs or any other plant that is growing in the vicinity.

A pesticide should be prepared according to the instructions that are listed on the back of the packaging that the product was enclosed in. The pesticide and water can be added to a garden sprayer’s tank. A tank will need to be reattached to a garden sprayer and the contents in the tank can be agitated for a minute or two in order to blend them.

Spraying Hornets And Eliminating A Hive

Hornets are least active at night, making it a wise choice to spray them at this time. After setting up a ladder next to a tree where a hive, is located, an individual can climb it and point a garden sprayer’s nozzle directly at a hive’s opening. A liberal amount of the prepared pesticide should be applied. It may take several minutes for hornets to die.

A person may wish to wait until the following day to remove a hive in order to ensure that all of the pests have been killed. A net can be held underneath a hive and the hive can be struck with a large shovel. Once the hive has fallen into a net, it can be disposed of.

The-Beeman or a similar pest control company that provides Hornet Removal in Pittsburgh can be contacted if someone would like assistance with keeping a piece of property pest free. More information about services will be provided when someone decides to visit the website that belongs to a pest specialist.

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