Is Something Wrong With Your Chicago Illinois Sales Training?

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Dec, 2016


Have you noticed that most educational options for selling products revolves around online-only coursework or having a thick binder of materials that will never be read or opened? Those sales training techniques don’t work in Chicago Illinois, but that’s still the basis of what you see out there. Instead, you need something that helps you interact with others, offers practical exercises, and teaches you how to communicate effectively.

Understanding The Buying Decision

The fact is that most consumers already have an idea of who they will choose from which to purchase their products and midpoint through the call, most of them have already decided if they’ll go with you or a competitor. However, they’ll usually let you continue with the process of selling, even if they already know they won’t go with your product.

The key is to learn what makes people buy and what affects their decision to do so. Chicago Illinois sales training can help with the why and can even offer tips to turn the tables in your favor.

It’s Not Logical

Most Chicago Illinois sales training focuses on decision makers that are logical, rational, and reasonable. In many cases, consumers are anything but, making it tough to sell to them. It’s better to understand the full range of situations and how certain demographics will react and buy. For example, some are going to use their emotions or feelings, while others will subconsciously make the decision to buy something and where to get it.


While reading books and listening to a teacher can be an effective way of learning for some, without a hands-on approach, all the words in the world won’t help you grow and understand. For example, success stories, role-playing exercises and interviews with top-notch salespeople may all assist the newbie better than reading or listening to a boring lecture.

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