Team Leotards that Catch the Eye

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


In the competitive world of girl’s gymnastics, ability goes along way—but style is also important. The last thing you want is to take your team out on the floor for a meet, only to find their leotards are not up to the same standards as those around them. To avoid issues like this, finding an activewear provider who custom-designs gymnastics leotards for girls is the way to go. These custom design shops will take all your needs in to mind before they begin customizing your team’s perfect outfits. This will enable your girls to hit the floor with an added amount of confidence and of course, the great techniques you, as a caring team leader, have taught them.

Finding the Right Designs
There is quite a bit that goes into customizing the perfect leotards for your gymnastics team. First of all, you need to decide which leotards you are needing. Will they be used for practice? Are they going to be strictly for competitions? Although you may not realize it, there is a huge difference in style for these types of leotards. Practice leotards are simpler, sometimes providing team colors and logos, but refraining from the flashiness of competition leos. Competition leotards bring everything to the table. They are meant to draw attention and keep the crowd’s eye on your team, while also incorporating team colors, and logos, so the team is easily distinguished. Once you have decided which colors and designs you need, letting your designer know exactly what the leotards will be used for is key.

Where to Go
If you are a team leader in need of the perfect gymnastics leotards for girls, then the design team at Garland Activewear have exactly what you are searching for. Their custom and consignment leotards will fit any budget. Contact them today!

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