The Advantages of Puppy Training Classes in Chicago

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Congratulations on the arrival of a new puppy! Since each puppy is different, learning how to train him or she will be steep learning curve for any owner, no matter how experienced the owner is with puppies. Some owners prefer to struggle along by themselves. However, signing up for Puppy Training Classes in Chicago and elsewhere offer many advantages for new and experienced puppy owners.

Better Socialization

Socialization means that the puppy is exposed to many kinds of situations such as playing nicely with other dogs while under 16 weeks of age. Puppies who miss this period and are isolated become problematic when older. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSB) recommends all puppies go through socialization activities before they are 16 weeks old. The ASVB recognizes that many puppies will not be finished their immunizations at this time. However, the benefits of socialization before the window closes outweigh the risks. Always talk with the puppy’s veterinarian and the trainer of puppy classes before committing the puppy to the classes.

Better Overall Behavior

Puppy Training Classes in Chicago and elsewhere provide mental and physical stimulation for the hyperactive pup. One main reason people abandon dogs at shelters is that they claim their dogs are too energetic. Puppy classes help burn off this excess energy. Remember that a tired puppy is a good puppy. Tired puppies are more apt to pay attention to voice and body signals and are not as prone to distractions as wide-awake puppies.

Better Chance at Rehoming

The unexpected can happen at any time. Dogs are often abandoned to shelters when their owners suddenly die or need to move due to uncontrollable circumstances. Should the unthinkable happen and the dog’s owners pass away then the trained, well-behaved dog faces a far better future at finding a new forever home than an untrained, hyperactive dog.

In Summary

Puppy classes offer many advantages to puppy owners and to the puppies themselves. Obedience classes help puppies learn how to behave with other dogs and people in a crazy world. Puppy owners that live in Chicago should visit us to find out more.

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