The Advantages of Residential Window Repair in St. Louis MO as Compared With Replacement

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2019


Residential Window Repair in St. Louis MO can usually be done when the frame is damaged or deteriorated to a small extent due to weather elements. If the glass is broken or a double-glazed window has fogged up, the glass must be replaced. Very old, rotted wood frames need replacement too because they cannot be repaired. Homeowners must make decisions on how best to proceed in all these situations.

Two Main Advantages

Two main advantages characterize Residential Window Repair in St. Louis MO as compared with replacement. First, the cost is significantly lower. Broken or fogged glass can be replaced with more energy-efficient products that were not being sold when the current windows were installed. Glass with coating is now available to help block some thermal heat from the sun. That can be desirable during the warm, muggy days common in St. Louis summers.

Second, the consistency of windows around the home can more easily be maintained in an old house. The exact same style of window and frame may no longer be available. Owners of historic houses may be very hesitant to make substantial changes to the original design.

In any home, upgrading just one window to a newer product with a change in the frame may be a bit jarring unless it’s the only window on that side of the house. Even then, especially inside, the inconsistency may be obvious.

Upgrading for Energy Efficiency

Upgrading all windows for energy efficiency takes a very long to time to recoup the cost, so even the energy experts don’t particularly recommend this choice. That decision might be made if the homeowners really want to make the house look much different or if they can no longer tolerate the old, drafty windows that keep rooms somewhat uncomfortable during extreme temperatures. People with environmentalist leanings may feel guilty about the amount of energy they waste in summer and winter.

Hiring a Contractor

All of this work can be completed by a contractor such as A.M. Richards Glass Co. Homeowners should feel free to contact the company with any questions they have and to Browse the website for information.

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