The Importance of Motor Fluid Spill Response in Atlanta GA

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Aug, 2019


Fuel spills on the roadway are hazardous to people and the environment. If these spills are left unattended or not properly cleaned up, they can find their way to bodies of water, which can result in contamination. When roadway spills happen involving motor fluid, it is vitally important to have a proper and effective motor fluid spill response in Atlanta, GA. A professional team will have the resources and skills to quickly and effectively cleanup these motor fluid spills in the aftermath of roadway accidents.

Motor Fluid and Other Similar Liquid Spills

Vehicles commonly use materials which can be hazardous when spilled, including diesel or gasoline fuel, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, battery acid, and window washer fluid. Propane, ethanol, and compressed natural gas are used as well, but they are less common. It should be noted that when compressed natural gas and propane are released, they quickly transform into a gaseous state.

Dangers of Fuel Spills

Spills of the petroleum or gasoline have powerful damage potential, particularly in the aftermath of an automobile accident. After a petroleum spill has occurred, the roadway will be very slippery, increasing the potential for additional accidents. Without proper motor fluid spill response, the chemical mixture in petroleum can create potential hazards for drinking water and pose a threat to nearby wildlife and aquatic life if these chemicals enter surface water by means of the storm sewer. Fire hazards are also possible if gasoline spills happen close to traffic, buildings, or sewers.

Petroleum has a chemical makeup that consists of quickly evaporating chemicals. This makes it highly flammable as it evaporates from the warm pavement, particularly in the aftermath of a gasoline spill. Due to the toxic nature of gasoline, it is highly important to have these spills cleaned up by experienced professionals.

Immediate Goals After a Motor Fluid Spill

The primary goal is to safely contain spilled materials. After the spill is handled, traffic flow can be restored safely.. When these basic motor fluid spill response steps are followed, the duration of the incident and the potential for secondary accidents can be minimized.

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