The Bathroom Contractor in Pittsburgh that Brings MORE!

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2016


Whether you are considering a full bathroom remodel or you are just looking for a few updates you want to choose the bathroom contractor in Pittsburgh that brings more to the table than the other contractors. Finding the ideal contractor is your first step in getting the bathroom that you always have dreamed of. The right contractor will respect your vision and work with you to help guide your vision to reality.

What is More?

When you are searching for a bathroom contractor you want to get the most bang for your buck. What you will find among bathroom contractors is that there are a lot of “sameness”, you find the same offerings, the same materials, the same standard of work. To really get the results that you hope for you have to find the right contractor that offers “more”.

You want to choose the contractor that offers:

  • Unique design options
  • Custom, quality work
  • A wide range of choices

More is getting the bathroom that you love that stands out from the pack. Far too many times you find a contractor that just does not have the unique design options that can really give you the stand-out results that you want.

Of course quality work in non-negotiable but to get more out of the deal you want to be sure that you chose a contractor that specializes in custom quality work. There is a difference between a contractor that can do installs and one that can give birth to your vision.

Get More!

Why settle for less when more is within your reach? Patete Kitchens offers more. More designs, more quality materials, more attention to detailed installations, more everything! Get more in your new bathroom with the bathroom contractor in Pittsburgh that brings more! Visit

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