The Beauty Of Round-Top Doors

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


A simple yet amazingly effective way to add the look of classic design to any home is to choose a classic style of door. Round-top doors certainly fit this description as they are some of the original door designs used in smaller homes, castles, cottages throughout Europe, and other areas throughout the world.

The look of round-top doors is naturally very appealing and it gives a flow or a different line to the door as well as to the entrance. When paired with round-top windows, bay windows or rounded elements can create a soft look to the home that is a perfect match for many architectural styles and options.

The key in choosing the right match for your home from all the round-top doors available is to stop and consider what you want to achieve as the final look. After all, the door needs to be selected with the ability to complement other design elements of the home as well as to give your home a welcoming look.

The Rustic Style

Knotty alder round-top doors are a great look to add a rustic option to your front entrance. This is ideal on both older as well as new homes, and the natural beauty of the wood with the darker knots just adds to the Old World look of the doors.

These rustic styles of round-top doors may also have sidelites featuring wrought iron that matches a wrought-iron speakeasy on the door. Additionally, adding clavos, the decorative iron nails in the design make your door look amazing and truly a classic.

The Elegant Style

For a very elegant look in round-top doors, double doors are a great option. They are a perfect addition to a custom home or added as a new entrance during a renovation to an existing home.

These doors can include sidelites and transoms combination that surround the door, adding to the unique shape while also enhancing the look of the door itself. With different options in designs, woods, stains and glass choices for these doors, they can be customized to match with any existing or new home style.

The shape and design options in round-top doors really does make them a wonderful door consideration for any home. Unique but still classic, these doors will add beauty as well as value to your home.

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